Former IZ*ONE member flaunts “deceptive height” with enviable proportions and physique 

Former IZ*ONE member Kwon Eunbi recently drew attention for her surprising height onstage. Notably, the idol is reportedly only 158 cm but is able to deceive the audience’s visual perception and reaches a height from within 160 to 165 cm. 

Kwon Eunbi

This is made possible thanks to Kwon Eunbi’s awe-inspiring physique. With a slender figure, small waist and right back – leg proportion, Eunbi appears taller and slimmer than her actual height. 

Kwon Eunbi’s body frame does not fall behind other idols with more desirable heights. Apart from her ideal proportion, Eunbi’s small face and sharp features also easily draw attention. 

The proportion of her back and legs creates an illusion that she is much taller than her actual height 

kim nam joo kwon eunbi
Eunbi showed off her height back in IZ*ONE formation 

Source: K14

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