Knets claims the new concept teaser of aespa to be a bit similar to NCT’s style

Korean netizens gave mixed opinions after watching aespa’s new MV teaser.

Ahead of the mini-album ‘Savage’ to be released on October 5, aespa has released a MV teaser with the same name. The 4 SM girls have a super cool look like they came out of a sci-fi game. Although the group only appeared for a few seconds, the revealed music was also extremely short, but their new teaser received praise from international fans, but the Korean online community had countless mixed opinions.

aespa was very successful with ‘Next Level’, but the music in the MV Teaser ‘Savage’ makes some people confused, some others assert that this song is going to be addictive. 

aespa nct
aespa is SM’s “idol” but their music is said to be a combination of YG and JYP

Supposed to be a mixed product between YG and JYP, aespa’s teaser is also reminiscent of NCT – the senior group of the same company. Some people even commented that SM’s rookies are no different… NCT female version. This is probably because the two groups have unique concepts, strange but equally addictive music.

aespa nct
aespa is considered as…
aespa nct
  … as NCT female version

 Knets’ comments:

  • I’m not sure about the song… Winter’s voice is so good.
  • I think the song will be good, I’m looking forward to it.
  • Giselle-ah, I think this concept suits you very well.
  • Reminds me of NCT.
  • They look like the female version of NCT.
  • I think the song will be good, but it’s more like a combination of YG and JYP than SM’s music.
  • I like aespa’s songs so I’m looking forward to this comeback.
  • It’s SM, do you need to worry about the song? The concept is unique, I like it.
  • I think the song will be addictive.
  • It sounds like NCT’s music.

Although it was compared to NCT and commented not like SM music, but overall, aespa’s MV teaser still received a positive response from the majority of Korean netizens. In addition to the expected music quality, this concept is also highly appreciated for its uniqueness and novelty. Therefore, many people hope that the song “Savage” will follow the success of the hit “Next Level”, contributing to bringing aespa to new heights.

Source: Knetizen

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