Jungkook hit the top trend with a cool image at the Muster Sowoozoo concert

Fans think that BTS’s maknae – Jungkook – should stop acting too cool, because it’s not good for fans’ hearts.

On the afternoon of June 13, BTS held a concert “Muster Sowoozoo” at Seoul Olympic Stadium (Seoul, Korea) on the occasion of their 8th debut anniversary.  This is BTS’ first outdoor concert after a long time due to the influence of Covid-19.  Although the concert had no audience and was only broadcast online, the passionate atmosphere and enthusiastic performances on stage made fans satisfied.

The member who occupied the spotlight of the concert is the maknae, Jung Kook.  The reason is not only because Jung Kook was handsome, danced well, sang well… The biggest reason why he could cause a “global storm” is… his tattoos.  Today’s show marked the first time that Jungkook confidently showed off a series of tattoos on his arm.  BTS maknae’s cool “bad boy” appearance makes fans hope he will stop because this is not good for fans’ hearts.

The arm covered with tattoos makes the maknae of BTS look like a real “playboy”. 
The combo of tattoos, sunglasses, and eyebrow piercings creates an “international bad boy” look for Jungkook.
The male idol captivated fans’ hearts with his masculine visual and “sharp” jaw-line.
Jung Kook’s cool expressions made the performance so lit 
Fans noticed that Jungkook also has tattoos on his biceps.  For the past 2 years, he has always worn long sleeves to cover the tattoos on his body.
Fans appreciate the confidence of the youngest BTS member.  Now male idols can freely express their personality without fear of prejudices.
The keyword Jungkook entered the top trending global Twitter with more than a million tweets within just a few hours.

Source: iOne

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