Junggigo was diagnosed with serious mental stress, “I didn’t know that I met a psychiatrist

Singer Junggigo recently complained about having mental stress.

On September 16, Junggigo uploaded a photo of prescribed sleeping pills on his Instagram.

He confessed, “I didn’t know that I met a psychiatrist because I was given sleeping pills. However, I did answer 90 questions and received a diagnosis: ‘Mr. Jung Gi, you are mentally exhausted at the moment.”.

He added, “This whole world has never felt this experience. I’m the only one who has never heard the voice that other people can’t hear.”

Then, he complained his frustration, “So, I really have to go back to my office now, right?”

Many people felt worried because he had to go to his office despite being mentally exhausted.

Netizens expressed their concerns saying that tiredness might be caused by his overworking.

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