Jung Eun Ji “Drinking capacity = 5 bottles of soju, close celebrities = Lee Sun Bin and Han Sun Hwa”

Singer-actress Jung Eun Ji showed off her volubility by directly revealing her drinking capacity.

On May 8th, Jung Eun Ji‘s interview video was uploaded on the YouTube channel “COSMOPOLITAN Korea”.

jung eun ji

Jung Eun Ji talked about her schedule, “As of today (early April), Apink’s new album promotion is officially over. We are having a fan concert on the weekend, and then we’ll have some time to get ready for whatever comes up next.

When asked “Which one is more attractive, actor or singer?“, she replied, “Both fields are very different in nature. The very first thing that comes into my mind is that singing is something that I genuinely enjoy and acting is a career that is challenging but fun at the same time.

jung eun ji

She added, “It’s difficult to choose one over the other since they are so different. But in terms of pure pleasure in a given moment, singing comes ahead. Being on a stage full of audiences is such a fascinating part of being a singer. I’m still not used to seeing myself on the screen after all the editing as an actor.

Regarding celebrities she is close to, Jung Eun Ji mentioned Lee Sun Bin and Han Sun Hwa, who appeared together with her in “Work Later, Drink Now”. She said, “All the actors were around the same age, so it was fun working together. We miss each other a lot.

She did not deny the rumor that her drinking capacity is 5 bottles of soju.

Jung Eun Ji shared, “About one bottle of soju seems just right for me. And I drink very slowly. But I haven’t got the time to drink recently due to a lot of schedules.

Source: Insight

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