Fans visit the late Sulli’s Instagram after Choiza’s marriage announcement 

After Sulli’s former lover Choiza announced he’s getting married, various comments paying tribute to Sulli flooded her Instagram.

Recently, on Sulli’s Instagram, a series of longing comments from both domestic and foreign fans can be found.  In particular, Netizens leave comments such as “How are you doing?”, “Don’t be lonely there”, “I miss Jin Ri (Sulli’s real name)”, “I still miss you”, and “Sulli, why am I so emotional today?” 


Some netizens also mentioned that they visited Sulli’s Instagram after seeing Dynamic Duo rapper Choiza announced his marriage to a non-celebrity girlfriend in July. It is known that Choiza and Sulli were lovers in the past. 

Among them, the comment “I came to think of you once again because of Choiza’s marriage announcement” received a lot of likes and drew attention.


Meanwhile, on February 17th, Choiza posted a long article on his Instagram and revealed the news of his marriage. In particular, the rapper mentioned how he first met his non-celebrity girlfriend, as well as how she stopped him from “wandering aimlessly”. 

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“I naturally met her through the introduction of a close acquaintance. She is an attractive woman with a simple smile who looks at me warmly when I was having a hard time and adds a cozy sense of stability to my rather dynamic life”, Choiza said, adding, “The two of us are trying to walk together toward a new goal of a harmonious family.”

Source: Insight

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