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Jun Ji-hyun’s real estate revealed on “TMI SHOW”, “The purchase price of Jun Ji-hyun’s Samsung-dong shopping mall increased by 14 billion won in two years”

The real estate of actress Jun Ji-hyun has been unveiled.

BTOB’s Seo Eun-kwang and Lee Min-hyuk appeared on Mnet’s “TMI SHOW”, which aired on the evening of May 18th. On the broadcast that day, they talked about “The latest edition! Stars who flex expensive real estate”.

Lee Mi-joo said, “In the case of Jun Ji-hyun, she does not invest for a short period but she chooses long-term investment. Also, it is known that she tries to sell in cash as much as possible”, adding, “The building in Nohyeon-dong she purchased with 8.6 billion won in 2007 was sold for 23 billion won 14 years later. The actress bought the house in Samsung-dong worth 7.5 billion won in 2014 and sold it for 13 billion won 6 years later. She has proved herself as a real-estate investment textbook.”

Jun Ji-hyun

Lee Mi-joo made everyone even more surprised as she revealed, “The place Jun Ji-hyun recently picked is a shopping mall in Deungchon-dong, Gangseo-gu. The shopping mall, which is said to have been bought at 50.5 billion won, is a three-story building above the ground. Company L is currently leasing the whole building for 600 million won and at 160 million won in monthly rent.”

Jun Ji-hyun

She added, “It is reported that Jun Ji-hyun is owning a total of 3 commercial properties. Deungchon-dong building, Ichon dong building, which was purchased for 5.8 billion won in 2013 and is creating 210 million won annually, and the shopping mall in Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, whose price has increased 14 billion won in two and a half years as it is now an ideal location. The purchase price of the three buildings alone is said to be 88.8 billion won, but it is hard to estimate a precise number based on the current market price”.

Jun Ji-hyun

Meanwhile, “TMI SHOW” is a talk show in which TMI (Too Much Information) of stars are revealed.

Source: Nate

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