(G)I-DLE’s Ex-Member Seo Soojin Spotted Maskless, Greeting Fans According to Witness Accounts

The current situation of (G)I-DLE’s former member Seo Soojin, who left the group due to school violence allegations, has been reported.

On April 1, an article titled “Witness Account of (G)I-DLE’s Soojin” was posted on an online community site called “Nate Pann”.


According to the author, they saw Soojin on the street that day and claimed that Soojin even took off her mask and greeted fans who recognized her.

In the publicly shared photo, the back view of a woman suspected to be Soojin and another woman who appeared to be her friend was captured.

On the same day, witness accounts claiming to have seen Soojin were also spread on Twitter.

Upon seeing this, netizens showed various reactions such as “I’m glad if it’s really Soojin and she’s doing well,” “I’ve been curious about her current status and I miss her so much,” “It’s a shame that there’s no proper evidence of school violence,” and “I don’t want to see any celebrities who are school violence perpetrators,” “How could anyone defend a perpetrator?” and “There are victims involved.”


Previously, allegations of school violence against Soojin were first raised in February 2021 through social media and online community sites. The testimony of her former schoolmate was revealed, and actress Seo Shin-ae’s testimony was added later, ultimately leading to her departure from (G)I-DLE in August of the same year. Since then, Soojin has retired from the entertainment industry by terminating her exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment.

Soojin filed a criminal complaint against the accusers. At the time, her legal representative, Barun Law Firm’s Choi Seung-hwan, also issued a statement saying, “Soojin was cleared of wrongdoing by the school violence prevention committee in middle school, which the accuser claimed Soojin was a part of,” and revealed that “it is also a fact that Soojin was recognized as a victim of coercion by her seniors.”

Source: wikitree

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