Jiyeon teases her older brother “You were really handsome, but now you are just a middle-aged man”

T-ara’s Jiyeon playfully teased her older brother about his appearance

On Sep 27th, a video titled “Our siblings even have similar laughter” was uploaded on Jiyeon’s YouTube channel.

In the video, Jiyeon spent the day at home with her older brother. While eating baked sweet potatoes, Jiyeon asked her brother, “Do you have any plans to lose weight?” She expressed regret, “You were really handsome. Even I thought you were really handsome.”

When her brother asked “How about now?“, Jiyeon immediately replied, “Now, you are just a middle-aged man.” Her brother jokingly complained, “You always talk about such things while eating.”


Afterwards, when her brother accidentally dropped some sweet potatoes, Jiyeon nagged, “See, even if you drop something while eating, you drop it to your belly.” Her brother refuted, “It’s great. It doesn’t fall on the floor.

Meanwhile, Jiyeon’s family became a hot topic due to their celebrity-level looks, which closely resemble hers. Her brother, in particular, appeared on “Superstar K” Season 3 in the past and gained attention thanks to his handsome visuals.

Source: Nate

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