Jeon Somi recalls when she was eliminated from TWICE, “I still remember that situation vividly”

Solo singer Jeon Somi expressed her regret when failing to debut with the girl group TWICE.

Jeon Somi and TWICE Chaeyoung appeared on the web program “Yes or Hot”, which was released through the YouTube channel “TEO” on August 30th. The two recalled their trainee days at JYP Entertainment.

Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi and Chaeyoung are known to be close friends as they were both trainees at JYP Entertainment. The two also competed in Mnet’s “Sixteen”, the survival program to select members for TWICE. In “Sixteen”, Chaeyoung successfully debuted as a member of TWICE while Jeon Somi was eliminated.

Chaeyoung shared, “You’re happy leaving JYP, right?”. Flustered upon hearing the question, Jeon Somi smiled brightly then agreed, “Yes”. Chaeyoung commented, “I thought so”.

Later, Jeon Somi asked Chaeyoung, “You were relieved when I didn’t get into TWICE, right?”. Chaeyoung hesitated for a while and couldn’t answer Jeon Somi’s question. She then confessed, “I was so sad.”

jeon somi

Jeon Somi said she still vividly remembers the day she was eliminated from TWICE. After the final episode of “Sixteen” aired on July 7th, 2015, the two had no choice but to take different paths. With a sad expression, Jeon Somi shared, “I still remember that situation very well”, adding “Unnie, I think I was in love with you”.

Chaeyoung recalled when Jeon Somi was eliminated and expressed her honest feelings, saying “I was really upset.” Chaeyoung also expressed her disappointment when learning about Jeon Somi’s departure from JYP.

In August 2018, Jeon Somi terminated her contract with JYP Entertainment. Later, she made her debut under The Black Label in 2019 and has been active as a solo singer until now.

Source: Naver

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