Jeon Somi, “I sent a Tecktonik dance challenge request to actor Lee Do Hyun but failed. I’ll keep talking about it” 

Singer Jeon Somi said she wanted to do the “Fast Forward” Tecktonik Challenge with actor Lee Do Hyun.

Hosted by special DJ U-Know Yunho, the August 8th broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show” featured Kwon Eun Bi and Jeon Somi, who recently made their comebacks with new songs, as guests.

After introducing her self-composed song “Fxxked Up”, Jeon Somi performed her title song “Fast Forward”, which draws attention by bringing back memories of the Tecktonik dance. 

jeon somi kwon eun bi

Jeon Somi said, “When the Tecktonik dance was a trend in 2008, I was only 8 years old so I couldn’t join it”. 

When the MC asked, Lee Do Hyun also did the Tecktonik dance on a program. Don’t you want to do a dance challenge with him?”, Jeon Somi confessed that she actually sent the actor a dance challenge request. 

She said, “But I don’t think we can do it because he’s going to enlist in the military soon”, adding “But I’ll keep talking about it”, expressing her strong desire to do the dance challenge with Lee Do Hyun.

jeon somi kwon eun bi

Following Jeon Somi, Kwon Eun Bi also introduced her new song “The Flash”, which describes the moments of falling in love with each other like a game, and explained the point choreography. 

When her new nickname “Waterbomb Goddess” was mentioned, Kwon Eun Bi shared, “I had so much fun at the Waterbomb”. 

Source: Daum

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