Seungri’s voice was recognized by V.I.Ps in T.O.P’s rap part in “Still Life”?

Recently, the rumor that the former member of Big Bang really took part in their new song.

Big Bang has officially made a comeback with the new song “Still Life” released at 0:00 on April 5 (KST). Immediately after its release, the song has topped many music charts and set many impressive records. While Big Bang‘s fans are still excitedly enjoying the new song, some V.I.Ps are even more moved when they recognized Seungri‘s voice in this song.

Some fans said that they recognized Seungri's voice in T.O.P's rap part.
Some fans said that they recognized Seungri’s voice in T.O.P’s rap part.

Specifically, fans pointed out that Seungri participated in backing vocals at 1:10 in “Still Life”. When T.O.P was also singing: “With the morning dew, burying my anger in the past…. For Life”, Seungri sang in the background with high notes: “So nostalgic, so nostalgic.” Accordingly, fans think that this has made the new music product from the YG group more complete and meaningful with the participation of all 5 members.

Seungri’s presence seems to have been anticipated since YG Entertainment released the first teaser for “Still Life”. Specifically, fans noticed that the release date was fixed on the 5th – the original number of members of Big Bang. Moreover, if you write the two words in the title “Still Life” together, it will create “Stilllife” – containing the image of 5 lines like the “5 horizontal lines” icon in the album “MADE” (2016), representing 5 members.

Before that, some fans found many “hints” proving that Big Bang will come back with 5 members.
Before that, some fans found many “hints” proving that Big Bang will come back with 5 members.

Until now, neither Seungri nor the Big Bang members have responded to this information and everything is still just speculation by fans. But whether or not Seungri participates in this comeback, in the hearts of fans, Big Bang is always the most complete with 5 members. What fans are focusing on right now is enjoying the new music product as well as contributing to creating new achievements for their idols.

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