Entertainment YouTuber reveals Song Joong Ki has been dating Katy for 3 years + why he made surprise marriage announcement 

Reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin Ho shares surprising information regarding Song Joong Ki’s sudden announcement of marriage and pregnancy.   

On January 30th, a video titled “Song Joong Ki remarried! The crucial secret that the groom-to-be couldn’t tell” was uploaded on the channel of entertainment YouTuber Lee Jin Ho. 

In the video, Lee Jin Ho mentioned Song Joong Ki’s dating rumors with Katy Louise Saunders that first broke out in December last year, and talked about his actions afterwards.

song joong ki rumor girlfriend

Lee Jin Ho said, “After the dating rumor broke out, Song Joong Ki had dinner with the cast of the movie ‘Ro Ki Wan’. Since the rumor was new, other actors’ interest naturally went to it. At dinner, Song Joong Ki showed other actors all the photos of Katy Louise Saunders on his phone.”

Lee Jin Ho explained, “All the actors and officials who were there were surprised, especially by Katy’s beauty, and since she is a foreigner, they thought, ‘Isn’t she older than Song Joong Ki?'”

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Lee Jin Ho continued, “Song Joong Ki did not reveal his marriage or pregnancy there, but he did reveal when he met Katy and how long they had been dating. In fact, he told his colleagues that Katy had settled in Korea for a year and they had been seeing each other for nearly three years.”

Lee Jin Ho added, “This marriage is not simply a matter of Song Joong Ki meeting a good woman by chance, but the two of them watching each other for a fairly long period of time.”

Regarding Song Joong Ki’s announcement of remarriage and pregnancy, Lee Jin Ho said, “No matter what he says, he can’t help but be swept away by rumors, so he seems to have been willing to disclose it to the public after registering the marriage.”

Katy Louis Sanders

Song Joong Ki surprised everyone by revealing on his fancafe earlier today, “I have vowed to spend my life with Katy Louise Saunders from now on. Thankfully, a precious life has also come to us.”

Katy Louise Saunders is a British actress who is one year older than Song Joong Ki. She reportedly came to Korea with Song Joong Ki last spring and they now live together in a villa in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

Source: Wikitree

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