Jeon So-min will appear as a mistress in her new drama, a hot bed scene with Lee Sung-jae is coming

Jeon So-min’s new drama, “Show Window: The Queen’s House”, heralds an unconventional love affair. 

Channel A’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Show Window: The Queen’s House”, which will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on Nov 29th, is a mystery melodrama depicting the story of a woman who went for an affair without knowing that she was her husband’s mistress. In the recently released second teaser of “Show Window: The Queen’s House”, Jeon So-min (as Yoon Mi-ra) shares her passionate love with Lee Sung-jae (as Shin Myung-sup).

Jeon So-min

Jeon So-min then said, “That rumor is true. I’m in love with that woman’s man”, suggesting that she is not in an ordinary relationship with Lee Sung-jae.

Jeon So-min

At the end, the phrase “I can’t stop this love” fills the screen, signaling that something unusual might happen in the future due to Jeon So-min’s unstoppable love.

Jeon So-min


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