Jeon So-mi “I want to start an underwear business”

Singer Jeon Somi shared a story about once conceiving the idea of starting a lingerie business.

On the 20th, Jeon Somi appeared as a guest on Song Yoon-ah’s YouTube channel, which she operates.

During the show, facing host Song Yoon-ah, Jeon Somi revealed, “I think about what would have happened if I didn’t do this (become an idol) every day.” She shared, “When I was young, my dream was to become a flight attendant. I thought it would be great since I am bilingual in English and Korean, and I love airplanes.”

jeon somi

Continuing her story, Jeon Somi said, “So now, when I can’t sleep on a flight, I chat with the flight attendants. Most of them are surprised and check on me, asking if I can’t sleep and how I’m doing. Some fans who were with me since ‘Produce 101’ even gave me a pouch as a gift. I was so grateful that I gave them a doll I really liked in return,” sharing an anecdote.

After moving to The Black Label, Jeon Somi is making a comeback after two years, and she honestly expressed, “I’m always thinking about what new things I can do. Making a comeback after two years, I felt the pressure to bring something amazing.”

jeon somi

She also mentioned, “I want to start a new business in the lingerie industry. Nowadays, my friends often go to lingerie shops. Even dancers usually wear sports bras and training clothes. I want to create a place where lingerie plays its role but is not embarrassing to wear outside,” adding her new dream.

In response, Song Yoon-ah humorously asked, “Do we not need a model in her 50s?” bringing laughter to the conversation.

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