Fans look back at Soo Hyun’s interview about her brother after watching AKMU Lee Chan Hyuk’s shocking stages

Lee Chan Hyuk of AKMU is showcasing his unconventional moves with his solo album “ERROR.” As a result, fans are examining his little sister Soo Hyun’s past interview in which she mentioned Lee Chan Hyuk’s changes.

In May, Lee Soo Hyun posted an “Interview Q&A that crosses the line” on her YouTube channel. In the video, Lee Soo Hyun broke down into the roles of a reporter and a top star, respectively, and asked and answered questions about herself. The interview was conducted before Lee Chan Hyuk’s solo album was released.

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What attracts attention the most in this video is a question related to Lee Chan Hyuk. Lee Soo Hyun, who played the journalist, said, “Recently, your brother’s change has surprised the world a lot. I am wondering what Lee Soo Hyun thinks about that?” adding “Is there any jealousy or anything like that because Lee Chan Hyuk is suddenly drawing attention?”

In response, Lee Soo Hyun the a top star said, “I can see the intention of the person who asks me this question every time I receive it. I didn’t answer because I felt the intention of them wanting me to expose my brother in a funny way,” she said.

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“To be serious, I don’t feel like my brother has changed at all. It’s been 10 years since we’ve done ‘Don’t Cross Your Legs,’ it’s hard for anyone not to change throughout that time. I knew that he had endured it a lot because he thought his change was not consistent with the AKMU that people like.”

“At some point, I often saw my brother having a hard time when he reached his limit. It’s so nice to see him so happy doing it,” she said.

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“Rather, I think my brother’s doing so has broadened the range of music that AKMU can show in the future. That’s why I don’t want to laugh at these questions,” she added.

The interview has recently been shared to SNS and is drawing attention again.

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Lee Chan Hyuk recently performed an unconventional performance with his solo album title song “Panorama”. He is attracting great attention by conducting silent interviews on music shows, turning his back to the camera and singing while shaving his head on stage.

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