Jennie’s reaction to the same joke from fans (Video)

“Our Jennie has changed.”

BLACK PINK Jennie had wittily received a fan’s ad-lib. There’s this famous joke called “the cutie” from fans these days and she had heard this once before.

Jennie held a fan signing event for her solo song “SOLO” at Vandien Loanis in Shinsegae Gangnam  on the 16th. A fan at the fansign has joked, Jennie you’re wearing the same tee today.”

What about Jennie‘s reaction? “No, I know that now,” she said confidently. The fan then replied, “Oh, that’s right.”

Let’s watch it for yourself through this fancam. Watch this video from 3:18.

This is the original “cutie” joke. It’s the fan signing event at COEX on the 17th of last month. When a fan asked, “Why do you wear the same tee these days?” Jennie was surprised.

“I only wear the same tee? Where?” Fans then answered, “Cutie” and Jennie burst into laughter.

Please refer to this video from 01:50~

Source: Dispatch

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