BTS RM hosts “R-chwita” and introduces Suga as ‘a 4th generation rookie’

“Suchwita” unveiled the teaser for RM’s special “R-chwita” episode.

On April 17th, BANGTAN TV uploaded the teaser video for “Suchwita” Ep.9, hinting at a special “R-chwita” episode.

The released video shows RM appearing as the host instead of Suga. He dances around and sings, “R-chwita! R-chwita! Time to drink some alcohol. Suga is gone. An all new Suchwita”, drawing laughter.


Following RM’s introduction of “a fresh new 4th generation artist”, Suga surprises everyone when he shows up as the guest. Suga says, “We’ve known each other for 13 years. It really has been a long time.”

RM asks Suga, “I heard in order to work on this album, you went into the mountains”. Suga replies, “Yes, that’s right. I did”. In response to RM’s question about the thing he did on the first day, Suga shares, “I went to sleep”, drawing laughter. He adds, “At this rate, I won’t be able to go back to Seoul”, raising viewers’ curiosity about the story he will tell in the official broadcast. 

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Suga says, “I should do it as a 4th generation idol!”, and begins dancing. Seeing the performance, RM reacts, “It really is annoying”. Suga adds, “My concept is to be annoyingly awesome”.

Later, Suga begins to seriously confess his true feelings. He says, “If people who love our music can live their lives through us, it’s the same for us, through people who listen to our music. 99% of the reason why we do music is for our fans, who listen to our music… for ARMY”, drawing attention with his meaningful words.

Regarding his thought about “R-chwita”, Suga says, “Well, I actually don’t think it’s as good as ‘Suchwita’”, making RM laugh hard.

Source: Daum

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