Jennie (BLACKPINK) was surprised when she was ignored by a little girl at the airport

Recently, Jennie (BLACKPINK) went to Incheon airport to go to France to attend Paris Fashion Week 2022. A lovely moment between Jennie and a little girl is now becoming the center of attention on SNS.

Jennie arrived at Incheon airport at noon on March 5 to attend Chanel’s fashion show in Paris, France, as part of Paris Fashion Week. The female idol drew all attention with her modest yet stylish outfit as soon as she arrived at the airport. The female idol came with her hair tied back, a mask on her face, and a Chanel outfit.

Jennie Incheon airport

As a famous global star, every time Jennie appears, she is surrounded by the media and fans.

Jennie Incheon airport
Reporters and surrounding fans are no longer a strange image when Jennie appears.

However, the rapper of BLACKPINK was ignored by one person. This lovely moment has been widely shared by fans on social networks. Specifically, there is a little girl right next to Jennie. When she saw many reporters and fans taking pictures of Jennie there, even though she didn’t know what was going on, this little girl kept waving to everyone. The female idol waved to the little girl, but she only glanced at her and continued to wave to the reporter and Jennie’s fans.

Jennie Incheon airport
Jennie Incheon airport

Many netizens laughed at this situation:

  • “Maybe she’ll regret it later for ignoring Jennie that day, haha?”
  • “Jennie is really kind, she seems to love kids!”
  • “Oh, I’m so jealous of that girl, I wish I could wave to Jennie Kim like that!”

According to the schedule, Jennie will be present at Chanel’s fashion show held on March 8 as the brand’s Ambassador. Fans are looking forward to Jennie’s upcoming appearance at Paris Fashion Week 2022.

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