YG finds the person who spread photos of Jennie and V…”Investigation is underway”

While BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V are embroiled in dating rumors, YG Entertainment (YG) plans to legally punish those who leaked photos of the two.

On May 19th, an industry insider told TV Report, “As far as I know, the investigation into Jennie and V’s photo leak is underway.”

In September last year, YG Entertainment commissioned the police to investigate the person who first spread Jennie’s personal photos. The investigation into the distributor has been underway for 9 months.

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In August last year, several photos presumably of Jennie and V were released. In the photos, the two showed affectionate appearances, such as taking pictures together in front of the mirror in the hallway of the apartment or being together in the waiting room.

Dating rumors were raised as these photos were released, but YG and HYBE did not reveal their positions on the dating rumors.

However, as there were voices of criticism in terms of not protecting artists’ privacy, YG announced that they took legal action, saying, “YG has refrained from commenting and expressing positions all this time to minimize further damages. However, we felt responsible and could no longer tolerate the recent mass production of rumors, criticisms, personal attacks, sexual harassment and privacy violations triggered by the personal photos that have been indiscriminately pouring out.

Meanwhile, dating rumors spread once again on May 18th as the sighting of Jennie and V enjoying their date quickly spread through online communication channels. The couple, believed to be Jennie and V, had a sweet time walking hand in hand on the streets of Paris.

Regarding this, the agencies of both sides have not taken any particular stance.

Source: Nate

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