BTS V posted a Netflix drama on his Instagram, causing the main cast to shout “Oh My God!”

After BTS V uploaded Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” on his Instagram Reels, the cast actors became a hot topic as they began to share the post one after another.

On December 28th, V posted on his Instagram a video of “Emily in Paris in which Ashley Park dressed up as a man and a woman at the same time and sang BTS’s “Dynamite” in a club. Apart from Ashley’s outstanding dancing and singing skills in the video, V drew attention as he tagged ‘emilyinparis’ and left ‘heart’ emoticons in black and white, which are the same colors as Ashley’s outfit, expressing his fondness for the drama.

Emily in Paris” is a famous Netflix drama that tells the life, love, and friendship of Emily, who gets her dream job in the romantic city of Paris.  Ashley Park, who plays Mindy – the best friend of the female lead Emily, debuted as a musical actress on Broadway, playing a Korean actor. Ashley is a talented actress who has been nominated at the Grammy Awards and Tony Awards, the most prestigious awards ceremony in the American theater industry.

The official Instagram account of drama “Emily in Paris” also promoted V’s Reels video by resharing it on their Story. At the moment, the video has surpassed 13.4 million views, proving V’s hot popularity.

BTS V Emily in Paris

Regramming V’s Reels video, Ashley also expressed her happiness by attaching stickers of V and a person doing finger heart and shouting, “Oh My God!”. She added, “I have such respect for BTS for all they do as artists and especially as Koreans on a global scale. I’m so happy. Next time, hopefully, we can sing together.”

In particular, fans were surprised that the main character actress Lili Collins also shared V’s Reels clip. Lili Collins has been V’s favorite actress since a long time ago. In an interview with the U.S entertainment programs, such as ENEWS or Access Hollywood, etc. in 2017, V said he liked Lily Collins and had enjoyed watching the movie “Love, Rosie”.

BTS V Emily in Paris

After the opening of V’s Instagram account on December 6th, it rapidly surpassed 1 million then 10 million followers in the shortest time in history. As a result, V set 2 new Guinness World Records. As of December 30th, V’s Instagram followers surpassed 28.91 million, making V the most-followed Korean male celebrity. In addition, V’s feed has always been at the center of attention.

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