AOA Seol Hyun, from a bystander in AOA’s bullying scandal to being praised as a loyal friend

Seol Hyun (AOA), who was accused by Kwon Mina of being a bystander in AOA’s bullying scandal, has now regained the public’s favor as ‘a loyal girl’.

Everything started when Kwon Mina revealed that she was bullied by the eldest member of AOA, leader Jimin, during the group’s activities. In addition, she also hinted at the bystanders who had witnessed everything but remained silent for 11 years.


After that, in August last year, Kwon Mina posted a photo of her wrist that was full of blood and cuts, and she wrote, “It’s unfair that Shin Jimin, Han Seung Ho (FNC’s CEO) and Kim Seol Hyun are living well. You all have to compensate for all the mental damage you caused.”

In particular, Kwon Mina expressed that she had been living in pain because of Jimin and revealed Seol Hyun as the bystander. Kwon Mina said, “Jimin’s best friend, Ms. Kim, told me that she didn’t care what happened to me and she just hated that situation. From my point of view, I was disappointed at how she acted exactly like a bystander.”

Amid the controversies, Jimin posted an apology and announced her retirement from the entertainment industry. Seol Hyun silently finished filming her drama “Awaken”, then went on hiatus for a long time without any mention of the bullying case. Meanwhile, Kwon Mina has repeatedly become the center of the public’s attention and got involved in continuous controversies.


People used to criticized Jimin and Seol Hyun and felt pitty for Kwon Mina. However, the public’s opinion has recently been overturned. On September 8, Dispatch revealed the conversation between Kwon Mina and Jimin in the past. According to the revelation, Kwon Mina reconciled with Jimin in April last year, but later she continued to pour out her anger and sent abusive messages to Jimin.

Despite the intense situation, Seol Hyun remained silent. Because of Kwon Mina’s accusation, Seol Hyun was criticized as a bystander because she was Jimin’s best friend. Until lately, netizens have realized that Seol Hyun has been enduring everything without explaining in defense of herself. They also expressed their sympathy for Seol Hyun and stated that it must have been difficult for her to be in between Jimin and Kwon Mina.

Moreover, it is true that Seol Hyun still continues her friendship with Jimin. A netizen recently commented on a community site saying he saw Jimin and Seol Hyun at Lee Sang Soon’s exhibition in June. A photo taken with Jimin and Seol Hyun at the photo booth of the exhibition was also released. In response, people praised Seol Hyun for being such a loyal friend and expressed that they were glad Seol Hyun had been with Jimin all this time.

Recently, Seol Hyun has returned to activities by updating on SNS actively.

The battle between Kwon Mina and Jimin has not ended, yet the public’s opinion towards Seol Hyun has certainly warmed up.

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