Once stood at the top of Cbiz, former EXO member Kris Wu has completely fallen from grace

Industry insiders revealed that Kris Wu won’t be getting out of prison anytime soon, and that he will leave the entertainment industry altogether. 

On May 21st, weird movements from the side of Kris Wu, top Chinese star and former EXO member, drove Chinese netizens insane. Rumor had it that the once top celebrity was imprisoned, yet his SNS accounts still saw new updates. 

In addition, netizens were spreading around a recording of Du Meizhu blackmailing the former idol, which sparked suspicions that Kris Wu wasn’t in prison

Some people believed that this meant Kris Wu was granted bail. But others suspected that he was never arrested in the first place. 

Kris Wu
Kris Wu was embroiled in a serious scandal last year, as numerous girls came forward to accuse the former idol of coercing them into sexual intercourse while they were underaged. 

In contrast to netizens’ theories, however, an insider revealed that all the SNS updates were made by Kris Wu’s staff. Therefore, there’s no chance of the former celebrity being out and free. 

In addition, another revealed that Kris Wu was still in custody while awaiting his final sentence and that he would forever vanish from the industry and from the public’s eyes. Once at the top with numerous fans, Kris Wu would soon be an irrelevant name. 

Kris Wu
Kris Wu was among the top celebrities in China, having earned recognition as a member of EXO, before leaving the group to pursue activities in China. 

It has been a long time since Kris Wu’s controversy broke out, but up till now, there has been no final conclusion. However, prospects of the former idol running free are super slim due to the severity of accusations and the case’s nature that involved underaged children. 

In addition, Kris Wu was charged with serious crimes like sexual intercourse with underaged children and there were plenty of evidence against him. 

Kris Wu
Chances of Kris Wu being innocent are slim. 

His Canadian nationality will also require careful investigation, and it’s safe to say that the idol-actor is as good as over. 

Ever since Kris Wu was arrested, netizens became completely blind to his current status. For now, only time can answer the fate of this once top celebrity. 

As the police and court are in fierce investigation, only a question remains: “Just how long will Kris Wu’s prison sentence last?”

Source: SaoStar


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