Is Kris Wu innocent? A leaked recording exposed the lies of Du Meizhu

The recording between Kris Wu’s ex-girlfriend and her friends was suddenly leaked, causing a stir on social networks.

The Chinese entertainment industry was stirred up yesterday evening (March 4) by a new occurrence related to the scandal in which Kris Wu was arrested on suspicion of rape. According to a tape leaked on social networks, Du Meizhu, who previously exposed the male singer, inadvertently revealed the truth about Kris Wu‘s scandal.

Li En and Liu Melli (2 close friends of Du Meizhu) are the people who made this recording public. A voice that appeared to be from Du Meizhu said: “He absolutely didn’t sleep with any underage girls. Then I said, I do have real solid evidence. Then Wu Yifan saw my response.  I know him, I know him so much.”

Then, the person believed to be Du Meizhu shared: “At first I typed 800. He said 800? Do you know his tone? With his disgusting bubbly voice? Aye He was the most shocked. He panicked a lot, he thought, ‘aiyo mother where can I gather 8 million’”

Netizens are currently taken aback by this twist. Chinese netizens are still skeptical about the legitimacy of this recording footage. In the meantime, Du Meizhu has yet to respond to the leaked recording. Many internet users wondered if there were any more twists and turns in Wu Yifan‘s scandal that had yet to be uncovered.


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