Comparing the debut of Karina (aespa) and Sullyoon (NMIXX)

Both are the group’s main visuals, why are Karina (aespa) and Sullyoon (NMIXX) treated so differently by Knetizens?

NMIXX’s debut was considered a failure, the digital music rankings were miserable, plus the reaction from the public was not as positive as expected. It is for this reason that JYP is considered to lose the streak and unable to keep it up in the girl group market. However, no matter how unlucky the company may seem, in terms of visual selection, they are clearly still very talented!

NMIXX Mcountdown
After nearly a week of debut, NMIXX still hasn’t received any praise other than visuals

Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words, Sullyoon, NMIXX’s visual, has continuously become the focus of social media for the past few days. Korean netizens can’t stop admiring the young and innocent appearance of the 2004-born female idol. Her visual is described as a “hybrid” between two famous seniors in the same company, Sana and Tzuyu (TWICE). Thanks to that, Knet believes that Sullyoon will follow in Tzuyu’s footsteps to become the representative visual of the 4th generation.

sullyoon nmixx
Knet fondly called Sullyoon a “living doll” after admiring the photos posted by JYP
The showcase was postponed due to the member Bae being infected with the virus, Sullyoon had never appeared publicly, but had won the hearts of netizens and occupied the hot topic for several days.
Many people commented that the female idol’s visuals are reminiscent of Sana and Tzuyu (TWICE).
sullyoon nmixx
Knets conclude: This is no doubt the top 1 visual of the 4th Gen?

The appearance of rookie NMIXX on the Kpop race will probably cause a lot of chaos. The debut song may have been a “flop”, but in the end, NMIXX is still JYP’s favorite. YG’s new girl group has not yet set a debut date, which means that the girl group battle from BIG 3 in the near future will most likely revolve around aespa and NMIXX. 

How the situation will end is out of the question, but looking at the public’s attitude towards the main visuals of the 2 groups, Karina (aespa) and Sullyoon (NMIXX), a bias phenomenon can be clearly seen. While Sullyoon’s image is constantly being actively searched and transmitted by Knet, Karina used to make netizens “irritated” for appearing too much, she has even been called a media-play product of SM.

Knet shows a markedly different attitude towards Sullyoon (NMIXX)…
… and Karina (aespa)?

Specifically, before aespa debut and even a few months after the official debut was a rather turbulent time for Karina. She is mocked as “SM princess”, her beauty is not recognized by netizens, but she was often criticized for taking on too many personal projects, when appearing with the group, she was also the most prominent. 

karina taemin
Before her debut was confirmed, Karina was allowed to perform with Taemin (SHINee)
karina kai
Starred in an advertisement with Kai (EXO)
She is also the only member who got to record a video introducing aespa’s worldview. The clip of MY, KARINA was even uploaded before the group video
aespa – MY, KARINA

SM did work hard to promote Karina as a comprehensive female idol, showing their intention to push aespa strongly through the investment in her image and outfits. SM’s obvious media-play move has caused Karina to suffer a lot of scandals, and her image is not very good in the eyes of netizens. aespa was even once mocked as “the group of Karina and friends”.

Karina wore a different outfit at the event
On the cover of the magazine, she also wore an outstanding red outfit alone
On some comeback stages, Karina is sometimes more taken care of with more prominent outfits

Netizens couldn’t help but laugh when they remembered SM’s efforts to promote Karina’s image to the public in the past. Indeed, she has been given a lot of opportunities, every good thing comes to her hand and the result is a top reputation. But in parallel with that is the label “SM princess”, “media-play product” that does not stop clinging. 

In contrast, rookie Sullyoon has only debuted for a few days, but has already covered the media and social networks with her stunning beauty. JYP hasn’t done anything, netizens have already volunteered to fall in love and even nominated her to be the new center for NMIXX. Therefore, it’s never wrong to say that JYP is the “master of girl groups visuals”!

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