Jennie and Rosé (BLACK PINK) charmed fans with their English speaking skill on Good Morning America

Jennie and Rosé used to live abroad for a long time so English is not a problem.

On Feb 13th, BLACK PINK appeared on the most famous morning show of the U.S – Good Morning America. This is a big event to help these YG’s artists conquer the heart of American audience. Before BLACK PINK, artists like BTS, Psy, Girls Generation have appeared on American shows before but BLACK PINK impressed with their flawless language skill which helped them answered the interview with ease, unlike some other K-Pop idols when going abroad.

BLACK PINK was gorgeous and charming on the U.S’s most famous show.

Jennie and Rosé used to live in New Zealand and Australia for a long time so their English skill is flawless. The 2 singers was in charge of answering the interview of Good Morning America. The audience commented that Jennie’s pronunciation is very good but she was a little bit shy while Rosé became the center of attention after confidently answering the questions.

Lisa is seen as the “language god” of BLACK PINK and her English skill is also no joke. On the show, she didn’t say much but she was given the chance to show off her dance skill. Jisoo was the only quiet one because she wasn’t confident with her English yet.

Lisa showed off her dance.

The BLACK PINK members also make fans proud by showing off their hammer-shaped lightstick on this show. They also revealed that they are preparing for a comeback in 2019 and a North America tour in April.

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