BLACKPINK’s Jennie Comes to Support Lisa at Crazy Horse Show Upon Arrival in Paris

BLACKPINK Jennie also showed support for Lisa’s controversial Paris Cabaret Show

Despite various rumors regarding their contract renewal with YG, BLACKPINK members are continuing to showcase their special bond by supporting Lisa’s Crazy Horse performance. Jennie took a flight to France on September 30th to attend the Chanel 2024 Spring-Summer Ready-to-Wear Show. Despite her tight schedule, upon arriving in Paris, she immediately visited the Crazy Horse cabaret to watch Lisa’s performance.

lisa jisoo rose rosalia crazy horse

Earlier on September 28th, Jisoo and Rosé were in France for different schedules but also showed their support for Lisa during her first performance. After the show, Lisa shared a photo with Jisoo and Rosé and expressed her gratitude, emphasizing their solid friendship.

The reason their separate but together rendezvous in Paris is gaining attention is because BLACKPINK’s contract with YG ended in August. As they are a top girl group, discussions about BLACKPINK’s contract renewal have become a hot topic not only in the entertainment industry but also in the stock market. Reports from securities firms regarding this matter keep surfacing. Additionally, in September, rumors about Lisa’s failed $40 million contract renewal were spread, and speculations about Jisoo and Jennie setting up their own agencies have added to the industry’s intense focus on BLACKPINK’s future activities.

In response, YG Entertainment has repeatedly stated, “Nothing is confirmed. The discussions about the contract renewal are still ongoing.”

Source: Nate

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