Japan contest in suspicions of copying the EXO’s logo

Japan’s “EXA Kids” has been accused of plagiarizing the EXO logo. A post was uploaded on Twitter on the 24th.

A Japanese fan posted a comparative photo saying the logos are extremely similar and ask for the contest not to use it.

It does look like EXO’s logo. It was hexagonal, and even the line added with the letter X in the middle is similar.

The “EXA Kids” contest then answered. “Thanks for pointing out. However, this is not plagiarism, just a coincidence.

He then said, “We had happened to make a similar design due to the lack of prior investigation. We are sorry for the misunderstanding and the displeasure we had caused.

We didn’t mean for the design to look like that of EXO at all. We are going to change the logo next year.

Lastly, they ask the fans, “Please understand. We will respond as quickly as possible.

This brand is an IT Kids Contest. Any elementary and middle school student can participate.

If you’ve used your PC to make games, videos, music, you can register with any of your products.

Source: Dispatch

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