January 1 is ending but still no dating report from Dispatch, will a shocking news break at the last minute?

Netizens are still not giving up on Dispatch’s New Year’s Day couple. 

The whole world has officially bid farewell to 2021 and welcomes 2022. Every New Year’s Day, fans of the Hallyu wave look forward to Dispatch’s article unveiling the dating news of a celebrity couple.

However, January 1st 2022 is reaching its end yet Dispatch still remains “suspiciously” silent, making netizens impatient. Is the famous media outlet “skipping” its tradition this year or preparing for shocking dating news to be revealed at the last minute?


Earlier today, instead of dating news, Dispatch released teasers for an online music festival to celebrate its 10 years anniversary with a mysterious caption, “There are no perfect secrets in the world”. The famous news site also promises “Dispatch is likely to do something”, making fans excited.


Dispatch‘s tradition of starting the year by revealing a new Korean celebrity couple is about to turn 10 years old. So if Dispatch really skips this year, it will be a huge surprise and also a letdown for those who have been anticipating. Currently, many netizens are still speculating whether Dispatch is about to take everyone aback by breaking shocking news before the day ends. 

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