Who is the rich villain that goes against Park Ji Hoon and Choi Hyun Wook in “Weak Hero Class 1”?

New actor Kim Su Gyeom shines as a villain character in “Weak Hero Class 1.”

Wavve original drama “Weak Hero Class 1” is a youth drama about the top 1% model student Yeon Si Eun, a weak boy confronting numerous violence at school with Su Ho and Beom Seok, his first friends ever.

kim su gyeom weak hero class 1

Kim Su Gyeom, who plays the pathetic “golden spoon” bully Jeon Young Bin, has been receiving favorable reviews for his realistic villain performance since the show was released on Nov 18th. Kim Su Gyeom’s unusual first appearance in the strong mask maximized the drama’s tension as he confronted Yeon Si Eun at the beginning of the drama.

In addition, he is weak in front of the strong but infinitely strong in front of the weak. He could not do anything by himself, and he constantly bullied Si Eun (Park Ji Hoon) with Jung Chan (Yoon Jung Hoon), Tae Hoon (Hwang Sung Bin), Seok Dae (Shin Seung Ho), and Woo Young (Cha Woo Min).

kim su gyeom weak hero class 1

Kim Su Gyeom, who made his debut with Kakao TV’s “Love Revolution,” has played mostly cheerful characters from KBS2’s “At A Distance, Spring Is Green,” the movie “A Year-End Medley” and “Juvenile Justice.” He is making a big impression by playing his first villain character in “Weak Hero Class 1.”

Viewers are anticipating Kim Su Gyeom’s future move, as he is building his filmography step by step across OTT-movie-drama media.

park ji hoon weak hero class 1

The original Wavve drama “Weak Hero Class 1” stars Park Ji Hoon, Choi Hyun Wook, Hong Kyung, Lee Yeon, and Shin Seung Ho.

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