IVE’s Jang Won-young will not be taking the CSAT again this year

Jang Won-young (19) postpones the “college entrance exam” challenge again this year

According to News1, Jang Won-young will not be taking the college scholastic ability test (CSAT) this year.

Jang Won-young’s side stated last year, “We will plan Jang Won-young’s activities in the future, considering whether she will attend college or not according to her opinion.”

jang won young

Jang Won-young’s group IVE is currently receiving much love not only in Korea but also worldwide. Therefore, she plans to focus on the group’s activities this year.

Meanwhile, IVE will make a comeback with their first mini-album “I’VE MINE” on October 13th. Prior to this, they unveiled one of the triple title tracks “Either Way” on September 25th and will reveal “Off The Record” on October 6th. They also have a busy schedule, including holding their first world tour “Show What I Have” at Jamsil Arena, Seoul on October 7th and 8th.

Source: Naver

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