What Park Min Young, who has been self-reflecting due to “ex-boyfriend controversy”, publicly said in Japan

Actress Park Min Young is attracting attention by expressing her intention to return.

On June 8th, Park Min Young attended a cosmetics brand event in Tokyo, Japan and conducted an interview. Park Min Young appeared in a black evening dress, showing her innocent yet sexy charm.

On this day, Park Min Young spent time communicating by answering questions from fans. First, she was asked about “a secret people do not know”.

park min young

Park Min Young replied with a smile, “It’s alcohol. I’m into whiskey these days. Not a lot, but it’s fun to drink one glass at a time, enough to fall asleep.”

Park Min Young also expressed her intention to return when asked about “the role or work she wants to try”. She confessed, “In a way, I think I played many romantic roles as I filmed romance genre a lot. I want to play a very chic role without romance this time. I want to play a role that is a little crazy (?).” 

Meanwhile, Park Min Young was rumored to be dating a non-celebrity boyfriend known as a “hidden rich man” in September last year, but the news of their breakup was reported 2 days later.

park min young

Afterwards, last February, Park Min Young was investigated by the prosecution as a witness in connection with the allegation that her ex-lover is the actual owner of cryptocurrency exchange platform Bithumb.

In this regard, Park Min Young’s agency Hook Entertainment said, “Park Min Young dutifully completed the prosecution summons for investigation as a simple witness on February 13th.”

Amid this controversy, Park Min Young has not been active for a while, but she delivered her recent status by posting a photo on her Instagram last month.

Source: Wikitree

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