aespa shines in baseball uniform, makes first pitch at Yankee Stadium

Girl group aespa threw the first pitch for New York Yankees, one of the most famous teams in the US’s Major League Baseball.

On June 9th (Korean time), aespa’s first pitch took place at the New York Yankee Stadium, before a match between the Yankees and the Chicago White Sox. On this day, aespa members Karina, Winter, and Ningning appeared at the baseball stadium, whilst Giselle couldn’t attend due to health issues. 


Dressed in Yankees uniforms, the three members showcased their beauty and waved to the cheering crowd, displaying a relaxed demeanor. Winter then threw the first pitch, and afterwards, the three members took commemorative photos with the Yankees players, successfully concluding their first pitch after debut.

Later on, aespa garnered attention by releasing behind-the-scenes photos through their official SNS, showcasing the members’ nervousness and tense footsteps as they walked onto the field, before standing on the mound.


With their first pitch after debut being for the US’s Major League Baseball, aespa’s global status is greatly highlighted. This is the first time a Korean entertainer has thrown the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game, after singer and actress Suzy in 2014.

Meanwhile, the Yankees team expressed gratitude to aespa through their official SNS, stating, “Thank you aespa for throwing out tonight’s ceremonial first pitch! aespa will be performing at the Governors Ball in New York and just released their new album, “My Work”, featuring their new single ‘Spicy’.”

On the other hand, aespa will be performing at the 2023 Governors Ball Music Festival, a representative outdoor music festival in New York, which will be held from the 9th to the 11th of June.

Source: Naver

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