The revelation of Omega X Taedong’s sister… He was assaulted when he was under his former agency as well

While it was revealed that “Omega X” members had been sexually harassed and assaulted by their agency’s CEO, member Taedong is known to have also been assaulted when he was under his former agency.

On Nov 16th, A, Taedong’s older sister, uploaded a photo of Taedong crying at the press conference for the termination of the exclusive contract of “Omega X” on her Instagram with the caption “There are things Taedong couldn’t say because he was crying“.

omega x taedong

A claimed, “Previously, when (Taedong) was at 2Y Entertainment, they forcibly took his cell phone to prevent him from contacting our family. They even found out his password and checked his cell phone.

She explained, “At 2Y Entertainment, Taedong and other trainees were forced to practice for 15~17 hours/day without a day off. On the day our maternal grandfather passed away, he couldn’t be contacted, so I announced this news through Instagram’s Direct Message (DM).

omega x hyeok taedong

She added, “I’m angry that 2Y Entertainment’s CEO, who slapped him in the face and verbally abused him, is now quiet as if he/she didn’t do anything wrong.

It is known that Taedong worked as a trainee at 2Y Entertainment before debuting as a member of Spire Entertainment’s group “Omega X”.

Source: Wikitree

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