OMEGA X Tae Dong revealed that he experienced similar abuse at his former agency 

While talking about the verbal abuse and sexual assault by CEO Kang, OMEGA X Tae Dong confessed that he suffered similar damage at his former agency.

On the afternoon of November 16th, a press conference for the termination of OMEGA X’s exclusive contract with Spire Entertainment was held at the Bar Association Meeting Hall in Seocho-dong, Seoul. OMEGA X members (Jae Han, Hwi Chan, Se Bin, Han Gyeom, Tae Dong, Xen, Je Hyun, Kevin, Jung Hoon, Hyuk, Ye Chan) attended the event with their legal representatives Noh Jong Eon and Seo Joo Yeon.

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Explaining the reason they held the press conference, OMEGA X said, “Our frustration has reached the point that we can’t stand it anymore. We decided to be brave and stand up for someone who also suffer mistreatment somewhere else, and for everyone to dream”.

The members shocked everyone as they revealed CEO Kang’s sexual harassment and abuse actions. 

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When the reporters asked if he had experienced such things before, Tae Dong tearfully confessed, “This situation does not happen in all companies, but I think many trainees who dream of becoming K-pop idols and even active idols are also being treated unfairly”. He added, “My former company made me practice 15-17 hours a day without days off, and even confiscated our phones. They monitored us by asking us to tell them our passwords and checking each member’s contact details.”

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In addition, Tae Dong said, “I was living a really difficult life every day because there was frequent verbal abuse and assault“. He couldn’t continue his sentences because of the emotions, so he lowered his head, saying, “I’m sorry“. Hyuk, who was sitting to the right of Tae Dong, was holding back tears with his head bowed for a while. He quietly reached out and grabbed Tae Dong’s hand. Hyuk was silently comforting the members and sobbing at their stories.

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Meanwhile, Tae Dong first made his name known through Mnet’s survival show “Boys 24” in 2016. He then appeared in “Produce 101 Season 2” the following year and received much love from fans. After that, in June 2020, he made his free debut in a group, but disbanded in March 2021. In June 2021, he re-debuted in Omega X.

Source: Daum

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