OMEGA X reveals the whole story of verbal abuse, gaslighting, and sexual assault by CEO Kang 

Boy group OMEGA X directly explained details of the power trip controversy, including revelations of former CEO Kang’s sexual harassment actions.

On the afternoon of November 16th, a press conference was held at the Bar Association Meeting Hall in Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul to discuss the damage caused by the abusive language and assault of OMEGA X’s company CEO.

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OMEGA X members, together with their lawyers Noh Jong Eon and Seo Joo Yeon from Law Firm S attended the press conference.

It was earlier revealed that OMEGA X members suffered damage due to their agency CEO’s abusive remarks and assaults. 

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Lawyer Seo Joo Yeon defended OMEGA X, saying “Apart from making sexual harassment remarks towards the members many times, the CEO also made physical contact, touched the members’ thighs, and attempted to face the members at close distance.

OMEGA X Jung Hoon shocked everyone when he said, “Returning home after hearing abusive remarks from our agency’s former CEO, we have never received a sincere apology. Instead of apologizing to us properly, she continued the conversation by threatening us by bringing up military service issue”.

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Regarding the situation at that time, member Han Gyeom confessed, “It happened during a company dinner’s drinking party. There was a strange culture in that we had to become black knights and prepare gifts. If we didn’t act like a black knight, CEO Kang would do ridiculous things the next day, like sulking or showing a cold expression toward us. We had to please CEO Kang”.

Jaehan added, “I was treated equally unfairly, verbally abused, gaslighted, and assaulted on overseas tours, by not only CEO Kang, but also my manager.

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Jaehan said while crying, “Without giving up, 11 of us want to greet everyone with good music and perform on stage well.

He concluded, “I hope that all those who are treated unfairly somewhere in the world will hear what we have to say and gain a little bit of courage. All 11 members will speak up in the future and move forward.

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Omega X recently caused a stir when it was revealed that they had been assaulted and verbally abused by CEO Kang of Spire Entertainment during their overseas schedule. Regarding this, the agency at the time clarified, “The voice got louder while the CEO and the members were talking. Now, all misunderstandings have been resolved.” However, when the controversy did not subside, the CEO voluntarily stepped down from her position.

Source: Wikitree

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