“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” star Kang Ki Young talks his role in new movie “Bargaining”, rookie mindset, and more 

Kang Ki Young talked about his experience working in the movie “Bargaining”. 

On December 20th, at Megabox Seongsu, a press conference for the movie “Bargaining” was held. Hwang Jung Min, Hyun Bin, Kang Ki Young, and director Lim Soon Rye attended and talked about their work.

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Kang Ki Young said, “I was worried about whether I could do well after hearing the lineup of the director and other actors. Fortunately, I was able to immerse myself in my character because everyone embraced me well.”

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Kang Ki Young played Kasim, a Korean who survived in the back alleys of Afghanistan. He said, “The role was similar to a role I had taken on before, but the required acting was very different. While surviving in Afghanistan, my character does a lot of illegal work, but at the moment of crisis, he receives a proposal from Daesik and participates in the negotiation”

Kang Ki Young said, “I learned a lot while acting with my seniors. I was worried a lot, but I worked hard to prepare to act while speaking a foreign language. I practiced foreign language lines so that they could come out like rap.” 

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Kang Ki Young admired the scenery of Jordan, saying, “Everyone suffered greatly from the heat. We avoided the heatwave well and filmed indoors late at night after the sun went down.”

Kang Ki Young said about his co-stars, “I often ate the food made by Hwang Jung Min. When I passed by his room, I always smelled the local smell of cooking rice. Hyun Bin played the midfield role very well, balancing the staff and actors.” 

Kang Ki Young added, “I can say that I am a rookie. I want to become a rookie in Korean movies. Director Lim Soon Rye is my mother Teresa, the mother of the film world.” 

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Kang Ki Young, who received a lot of love for his role in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, said, “I couldn’t see ahead due to Corona. I am working with a grateful heart. I hope that ‘Bargaining’ will also be a hit.”

Bargaining” depicts the negotiating operation between a diplomat and a local NIS agent who went to Afghanistan to save Koreans who became hostages of the Taliban in the worst kidnapping case. It will be released on January 18, 2023.

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