Actor Cha Seo Won Writes Letter to Upset BL Drama Fans Due to His Girlfriend’s Pregnancy and Marriage

Cha Seo Won, an expectant father, has shared a handwritten letter to fans of the BL drama “Unintentional Love Story”. 

On June 9th, the production team of the drama “Unintentional Love Story” posted on their official social media, “To the ‘Unintentional Love Story’ fans surprised by the sudden news, we present a letter sent by actor Cha Seo Won carefully on his behalf.” A picture of Cha Seo Won’s handwritten letter was attached.  

Unintentional Love Story Cha Seo Won

Prior to this, news about Cha Seo Won and actress Uhm Hyun Kyung’s romantic relationship and pregnancy was announced. The two became close during their time working together on MBC’s drama “The Second Husband” and eventually started dating after the drama concluded.

Aside from congratulating Cha Seo Won, some fans who were deeply immersed in “Unintentional Love Story” expressed disappointment, saying that the announcement of Cha Seo Won’s dating, marriage, and pregnancy news would disrupt their immersion in the drama.

Unintentional Love Story Cha Seo Won

As they were deeply invested in “Unintentional Love Story”, fans showed strong resistance to Cha Seo Won’s actions that did not align with his character’s traits. In response, Cha Seo Won confessed his feelings through a handwritten letter.

Cha Seo Won wrote, “I think many of you were surprised by my recent news.

He continued, “Through ‘Unintentional Love Story,’ I have cherished memories of the precious connections I made with fellow actors, staff, and the love of fans, as well as the happy moments on the filming set.”

Cha Seo Won expressed his gratitude and conveyed his feelings to BL fans, “I will continue to support my colleagues unconditionally. And just as I have done so far, I will strive to show my positive side as an actor. Thank you.

Led by Cha Seo Won and B1A4’s Gongchan, “Unintentional Love Story” tells the story of two guys going from a relationship based on lies to genuine love. Cha Seo Won played a genius potter, Yoon Tae Jun, who disappeared as if erased from the world.

The well-loved “Unintentional Love Story” will return with a spin-off. Shooting is set to begin in the latter half of this year with the goal of releasing early next year.

Source: Wikitree. 

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