A.R.M.Ys are “heated” because J-hope (BTS) was cut out of BTS’s photos by a famous magazine

A careless mistake by Dispatch has infuriated many A.R.M.Ys.

Specifically, Dispatch did officially release a special magazine about the worldwide idol group that is leading the Hallyu wave currently – BTS. Stunning and gorgeous photos of the boys behind the scenes excited A.R.M.Ys and made the fans look forward to the date of the official release.
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However, the fact that Dispatch was careless in the magazine design infuriated many A.R.M.Ys. Member J-hope’s solo images were “exceptionally rare” compared to other members’, and this member did not even have a single page for himself. The carelessness of the designers has hurt BTS fans, especially J-Hope fans, since they felt that this member was not respected as much as other members.

The fans were not afraid to encourage one another on Twitter and fanpage to post Dicon-relevant hashtag in both English and Korean with the hope to make Dispatch realize its unprofessionalism in producing and printing, because previously, this newspaper had a lot of time to select the photos and prepare for the publication.

This was not the first time a member of BTS was “cut” on magazine like that. Previously, A.R.M.Ys was very angry as Jin was “forgotten” in Come Back Home promoting poster. More details, in the promoting banner on the company’s Youtube homepage, BTS’s image lacked of the oldest member, Jin.
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Or in another time, Korea Magazine released March publication, and in an article mentioning BTS’s influence on Kpop’s future, once again Jin was cut out of his team, instead of showing up with his teammates. It was difficult to say that this was a careless mistake, as this picture was used by Billboard in an article about BTS before, and A.R.M.Ys did give their voice.
bts, jin, jhope
After all, BTS members are the “victims” of many popular newspapers’ carelessness. Many consecutive incidents happened, so A.R.M.Y’s anger is understandable. Do you think Jin, J-hope and A.R.M.Y deserve apologies from these newspapers?

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