IVE Liz, “Before our debut, Gaeul called me to the vocal room and scolded me”

IVE Liz talked about when she was scolded by the eldest member Gaeul during their predebut days.

JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros” broadcast on April 15th featured girl group IVE, who recently made their comeback with the song “I AM”, as guests. That day, Liz made every laugh as she exposed the members after getting picked as the least obedient member.


Lee Soo Geun asked IVE’s eldest sister Gaeul, “Which member does not listen to you?”. Geul hesitated for a moment then answered, “Liz does not listen to me sometimes.”

Upon hearing that, Liz immediately reacted, “When did I do that?”, then burst out laughing. Gaeul then explained, “We share the same waiting room. Sometimes Liz gets too excited and she sings very loudly. She would turn the MR sound on the speaker and sing like it’s a concert. Except for that, she’s very quiet and always sleeps.”

In response, “Knowing Bros” members commented, “Liz seems to be an unpredictable person”. IVE members altogether said, “Liz is very mischievous”. Kim Hee Chul then asked Liz, “Have you ever been scolded by Gaeul during your trainee days?”.


Liz replied, “Can I talk about this on the broadcast?”, drawing laughter. Ahn Yu Jin also asked, “Did Gaeul unnie throw something at you or what?”. Liz then revealed, “She called me to the vocal room”.

Hearing this, Kim Hee Chul added, “When you’re inside the vocal room, no one can hear you from the outside even if you scream”. Liz continued, “That was the story back then, not now”, adding “Thanks to her scolding me, I grew up well”, surprising Gaeul.

Source: Nate

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