Han So Hee – Go Yoon Jung: “visual goddess” best friends, but one of them had plastic surgery? 

K-drama actresses Han So Hee and Go Yoon Jung have been drawing a lot of attention for their top-tier visuals and admirable friendship. 

Friendships between gorgeous female celebrities in Kbiz have never not drawn attention. After all, everyone loves to see beautiful women hanging out together and showing affection to each other. That’s why when Han So Hee and Go Yoon Jung were spotted hanging out, a lot of people got excited, pointing out that they are both “visual goddesses” of the new generation

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Han So Hee and Go Yoon Jung’s friendship have been the talk of town 

“Visual goddess” best friends

Han So Hee

Han So Hee is among the most highly-discussed Korean actresses nowadays, with an extremely stunning appearance and sexy charms. In addition, Han So Hee is also attaining a lot of remarkable successes 4 years into her career, and is often compared to superstar actress Song Hye Kyo. 

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Han So Hee is also admired for her perfect figure, fair skin, soulful eyes, alluring lips, and high nose bridge.

However, Han So Hee managed to establish her own name instead of being permanently dubbed “Song Hye Kyo look-alike”. She also never hesitates to switch up her image through each move and drama, and boasts a chic, “girlboss”, and regal charms that can draw in both men and women. 

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Her versatile aura also helps the actress fit into a wide range of roles, from innocent to sharp and seductive, from high-fashion to friendly girl-next-door. 
han so hee
The sharp yet sweet features of Han So Hee are admired by many people 

Go Yoon Jung

With her “diamond ratio” face, Go Yoon Jung is considered a “new generation goddess” with “flawless visuals from every angle”. At the same time, her ethereal beauty if often compared to famous actress Jeon Ji Hyun, and even plastic surgeons commented that Go Yoon Jung’s face achieved a perfect standard, where every feature of her and the distance between them is top-tier. 

Go Yoon Jung
Go Yoon Jung’s large and expressive eyes makes her look youthful and cute 
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The actress’ face is said to have achieved a “diamond ratio” where every facial feature and distance between them are of top standard 
Go Yoon Jung
The actress is now a sought-after image for many people, said plastic surgeons 
Go Yoon Jung
However, netizens believe that Go Yoon Jung has got plastic surgery and point out the drastic change in her visuals over time. 
Go Yoon Jung Han So Hee
Han So Hee and Go Yoon Jung were spotted hanging out together and acting affectionately 

Flourishing careers 

Han So Hee began her acting career in 2017, way later than other actresses of the same age. She gained some attention with roles in “Money Flower”, “Abyss” and “100 Days My Prince”, before exploding with fame in the hit K-drama “The World of the Married”. Then, Han So Hee continue to impress via numerous other projects, showing versatility by playing all of sorts of characters in “Nevertheless”, “My Name”, and “Soundtrack #1”. 

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Han So Hee’s career is constantly going up 

Meanwhile, Go Yoon Jung originally worked as a model, before making her acting debut in 2019. Since then, she has appeared in “He Is Psychometric”, “Sweet Home”, “Law School”, and “Hunt”, but only played supporting characters. Finally, in 2022, she became the female lead in the 2nd season “Alchemy of Souls”, and is gaining huge attention due to her chemistry with actor Lee Jae Wook

Lee Jae-wook Go Yoon Jung
Go Yoon Jung is a rising name 

Source: k14 

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