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Lee Jang-won, “Eating with BTS RM is the most famous thing I’ve done this year”

Peppertons Lee Jang-won recently mentioned the time he met BTS leader RM.

On June 22nd, the YouTube channel “STUDIO HOOK” uploaded its “Shoveling Today” content titled “The bees, aren’t they too close in front of me? Honey Voice from Yangbongjang Juk Jae X Sewoon”.

In the video, Jung Jae-hyung and Lee Jang-won did the opening in the mountains. When the PD pointed out, “Aren’t you walking too awkwardly?” Jung Jae-hyung said, “Are you director Lee Chang-dong? Are you gonna make me walk again because there’s no pathos in my steps?” before complaining to Lee Jang-won, “But Hyori taught you to get rid of the awkwardness.”

Lee Jang-won BTS RM

Jung Jae-hyung, who was walking awkwardly, said, “There was an article about you recently, about your meal with RM.” In response, Lee Jang-won replied, “The most famous thing I did this year was eating with RM.”

studio hook
studio hook

Jung Jae-hyung asked, “Did you get RM number?” and Lee Jang-won said deftly, “I didn’t get his number.” When Jung Jae-hyung showed his expectation, saying, “RM will appear in ‘Shoveling Today’ too, right,” Lee Jang-won naturally blocked all of his hope, saying, “RM is meeting and talking to President Biden now.”

studio hook
studio hook

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