Netizens angrily pointed out evidence to prove that the ending of Jisoo’s drama “Snowdrop” might have been changed

Netizens recently raised suspicions that the production team had altered the ending of “Snowdrop” in which BLACKPINK Jisoo plays the female lead.

Snowdrop”, starring Jisoo (BLACKPINK) and Jung Hae In, ended after 16 broadcasts. After the final episode of “Snowdrop” was aired, the painful ending, in which the two main characters Young Ro (Jisoo) and Su Ho (Jung Hae In) could never be together again, drew many discussions on online sites.

Is this the reason why netizens immediately tried to find out evidence to prove their suspicions of “Snowdrop” producers making some changes to the drama’s ending?

The production team didn’t want to cause controversies over romanticizing the characters?

During the pre-release stage, “Snowdrop” faced an intense boycott from Korean netizens as it became the center of controversies being suspected of distorting history related to the 1987 Democracy Movement. The boycott intensified to the point that the Blue House petition demanding the suspension of “Snowdrop” broadcasting gained up to 350.000 signatures.

Due to this issue, the production team might have changed the ending to not let the two leads have a happy ending in order to not be criticized as “romanticizing the spy character Su Ho”. It seems like they were afraid that the history distortion controversy might become more serious. Therefore, a sad ending might be a little more acceptable and leave a deep regret for the viewers?

“Snowdrop” staff accidentally revealed the wedding photo of Young Ro (Jisoo) and Su Ho (Jung Hae In)?

Jung Hae In once uploaded a photo of him standing next to a wedding dress. In addition, fans also pointed out that Jisoo was wearing a wedding dress inside her jacket. This made netizens suspect that the two main character actors had hinted at the ending of “Snowdrop”?

In particular, fans noticed that ‘Snowdrop” staff raised their phones which contain the picture of a wedding when taking group photos to celebrate the last filming of the drama.

Fans found out the image of a wedding in the photo that “Snowdrop” staff released after the filming ended
Fans found out the image of a wedding in the photo that “Snowdrop” staff released after the filming ended

With this evidence, the viewers confidently claimed that the production team had revised the ending of this drama. However, all of these mentioned details are still fans’ theories and it’s not easy to know whether the script was actually changed or not.

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