A comment left by JYP employee in light of Jinni’s sudden departure from NMIXX and contract termination 

Countless posts have appeared online after the news of NMIXX’s Jinni leaving the group and JYP. 

Among various posts and comments on online communities and social media about Jinni’s shocking departure from NMIXX and contract termination with JYP, a JYP employee’s comment left on Blind, an anonymous community for office workers, is attracting much attention. Blind is a closed community where users can join only by verifying their company email accounts.

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A post titled “Why did Jinni leave NMIXX!??” was posted on Blind. An anonymous employee who wrote this post said, “JYP should make a convincing announcement… They have always been like this.” 


In response, a police officer commented, “If (Jinni’s departure from NMIXX) is really because of personal circumstances, does the company have to reveal her private life too?” The original poster then replied, “I can’t trust JYP because of their track record with Jay Park, Hyuna, etc.”


Under this reply, a JYP employee said, “Hahaha… Jay Park, Hyuna… Are you for real? Do you think it’s okay to reveal somebody’s private life? Don’t you think about why the company keeps their mouth shut even when they are being cursed at?”

Currently, these replies and comments are being screenshot and spread to major online communities and social media.


Earlier on December 9th, JYP issued an official statement and suddenly announced Jinni’s departure from NMIXX and contract termination with the company. 

JYP has not disclosed the exact reason why Jinni suddenly left NMIXX other than saying that it is due to personal circumstances. Fans are guessing as to whether it is a ‘health problem’.

NMIXX is a rookie girl group that debuted at the end of this February with the title song ‘O.O’. They proved their popularity by winning the Favorite New Artist Award at the recently held 2022 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Source: Wikitree

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