“Cannes red carpet” Jung Soo Jung’s pink dress is a collection design from 10 years ago? It’s also her sister Jessica’s pick 

This dress was worn 10 years ago?

The unexpected story of the Cannes dress worn by Jung Soo Jung is that it is a collection design from 10 years ago that was also chosen by Jessica.

Jung Soo Jung recently posted several photos, including ones taken at the Cannes Film Festival’s red carpet event, on her personal account.


Jung Soo Jung appeared in a silk pink dress at the red carpet event ahead of the official premiere of “Cobweb”, drawing keen attention from the media around the world. This dress, which has an impressive halter neck knot, is a dress from the Ralph Lauren Collection 2012 S/S, and it is noteworthy that she chose a design that will make her shine the most rather than unconditionally choosing a new product.

In particular, Jung Soo Jung showed off her luxurious yet elegant figure with thick wavy hairstyle and classic red lips.

This dress is a design that her older sister Jessica chose. Jessica, who stood on the Cannes red carpet for 2 consecutive years in 2018 and 2019, seems to have recommended this pink dress, which can maximize Jung Soo Jung’s beauty, by utilizing her experience at that time.


Meanwhile, “Cobweb”, which was first unveiled at Cannes, is about director Kim (Song Kang Ho), who is obsessed with the fact that the ending of the movie Cobweb, which was filmed in the 1970s, would be better if re-filmed. It is a film that depicts the sad and funny things that happen while filming under conditions.

Source: Daum

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