IVE Jang Won Young reveals how she deals with hate and malicious comments

Jang Won Young, a member of IVE, mentioned how to deal with people who her him while suffering from fake news and malicious comments.

Recently, Jang Won-young sent a message to fans through the fan platform Universe. In particular, she asked, “How are you spending today? Is there anyone who is giving you a hard time? If there is, I’m just….”

ive wonyoung

Then, the female idol wrote, “Hating someone makes it harder for you, so don’t do that and just smile at that person.” She also added, “It’s not good to hate together with them. Rather, it’s better to think about what to eat for dinner at that time.” 

ive wonyoung

Previously in an interview with a fashion magazine in the past, Jang Won Young also mentioned how she cope with malicious comments and hate. “I laugh at things that bother me and change my mood by going to really good places or eating delicious food with good people,” said the female idol. 

Seeing Jang Won Young’s mindset, a lot of netizens expressed admiration for her, and praised her health mentality. 

ive wonyoung
ive wonyoung

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • I can see what kind of mind you have
  • She’s not an idol for nothing
  • An 18-year-old looking more mature than people who write bad comments
  • Honestly, Jang Won Young is the best mentally among idols 
  • She has such a mature mind
  • Jang Won-young gets more hateful comments than other idol members
  • She’s perfect on the outside and inside
  • She has a healthy mentality
  • She can say things like that because she has pride in herself
  • It must be very difficult on the inside, but she doesn’t show it and I have a lot to learn.”
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