“Among the cast members, Hae-eun is…” IU, who is watching “Transit Love 2”, gave this comment on the show

Singer-actress IU’s special impression of watching TVing’s “Transit Love 2” was revealed on Kim Eana’s radio show.

Singer Kwon Jin-ah appeared as a guest on the broadcast of MBC’s standard FM “Kim Ea-na’s Starry Night Radio”, which aired on October 20th, and promoted her new song. She also shared some talks about the program “Transit Love 2” with DJ Kim Ea-na.

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During the broadcast, Kim Ea-na asked Kwon Jin-ah, “You’re not really affected by the seasons, right?”. Kwon Jin-ah responded, “I used to be like that, but I’m hoping to get that feeling these days. I’ve become dull since nothing comes up to me. I’m worried about it recently.”

Kim Ea-na wondered, “Then what sorts of things can shake Jin-ah’s emotions?”, Kwon Jin-ah said, “Ah, that’s why I’ve been watching ‘Love Transit 2’”. Kim Ea-na commented, “I heard musicians these days get help from watching dating programs”. In response, Kwon Jin-ah said, “That’s right. I also watched ‘Transit Love 2’ before coming here. That episode was a legend”, revealing herself as a real fan of “Transit Love 2”.

Kim Ea-na drew attention as she said, “I heard people say one of the cast members on that show looks like me”. Kwon Jin-ah continued, “Ah… Nayeon…? No!!! You look like Hae-eun!!! I did think like that while watching the show”.

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Kim Ea-na, who doesn’t watch “Transit Love 2”, added, “I didn’t know anything about the show. I just thought ‘Who is she?’. But IU told me that she found a person who looks like me while watching ‘Transit Love 2’ and then cried a lot”. Kwon Jin-ah, who was hearing the story, once again agreed that Sung Hae-eun and Kim Ea-na give off a similar vibe.

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Later, when the production team showed Sung Hae-eun’s face on the computer screen, Kim Ea-na said, “Oh my, this is that person? I think she looks classier than me. Thank you for looking at me with that standard”, ending the conversation about “Transit Love 2” with a warm atmosphere.

“Transit Love” is Tving’s original content. It’s a dating reality show in which couples who broke up for various reasons gather in one place to look back on their past relationships, meet new people, and find their own lovers. Season 2 began airing in July this year as Season 1, which was released in June last year, became so popular. 

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