Despite lip syncing controversy, aespa got paid 3 times higher than PSY to perform at university festivals? 

The difference in the amount universities paid to invite aespa and other senior artists to their festivals shocks netizens. 

aespa recently came under controversy over the quality of performances at 2 university music festivals they attended. The 4th generation girl group from SM Entertainment has been receiving criticism for not singing live, sloppy dancing, as well as lacking overall presence and energy on stage. 

aespa’s recent performances at university festivals 
aespa stood out for visuals but disappointed with their performance skills 

Regardless of controversial performances, the cost to have aepsa in the artist line-up for university festivals is shockingly high. According to the information provided in a recent trending post on the online community Pann, universities paid a whopping 50 million won to invite aespa to their festivals. Meanwhile, the cost for Red Velvet or AKMU is lower at 40 million won. Veteran singer PSY only got paid 15 million. 

Despite being a A-list artist, PSY’s invitation cost at university festivals is surprisingly low 
Red Velvet
It also cost less to invite aespa’s SM senior, Red Velvet, to university festivals 

Despite aespa having the lowest seniority among the mentioned artists, they got paid the highest. This has caused a debate to arise among netizens about whether aespa deserved to bag that much money with their underwhelming performances. 

Some comments from Korean netizens:

  • They were paid 50 million just to lip sync? I’m speechless 
  • I think PSY lowered his price because he just released an album and he himself likes to perform at university festivals. If you watch PSY at university festivals, you will understand why he loves them. 
  • PSY is basically doing charity… All the dancers, staff, and managers, cars, not to mention the outfits, hair, and makeup, it would cost much more than that. 
  • PSY just loves performing at university festivals.
  • Universities paid that much to invite aespa yet the quality of their performances is… 
  • What’s the point of inviting aespa if they were gonna lip sync? 

Source: K14

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