“Bloodhounds”: Top 1 Global Netflix yet disappoints because of one detail

Netflix’s “Bloodhounds” has been receiving huge successes and high praises, but there’s one detail that leaves great regret.

According to FlixPatrol, as of June 16th, the K-drama series “Bloodhounds” has become the most popular non-English drama on Netflix World-wide, surpassing various harsh competitors and proving its sensationalism. 

“Bloodhounds” is an intense psychological and action drama, which stars Woo Do Hwan and Lee Sang Yi as the two male leads. As a drama adaptation from a webtoon of the same name by author Jung Chan, “Bloodhounds” directly reflects a current “hot issue”, where people’s lives are severely affected due to the Covid-19. 


In particular, the series takes place in a period when low-income individuals struggle amidst increased unemployment rates, and predatory loan sharks take advantage of struggling small businesses.

The male protagonist of “Bloodhounds” is a promising young martial artist named Kim Geon Woo (Woo Do Hwan). In order to repay his mother’s debts, he reluctantly gives up his career and begins to work under Choi Tae Ho (Heo Jun Ho), a former notorious figure in the loan shark industry, who has now shifted to helping those in need. 

Meanwhile, Kịm Geon Woo’s colleague, Hong Woo Jin (Lee Sang Yi), accompanies Geon Woo on this journey. The two quickly become Choi Tae Ho’s most capable and formidable right-hand men, working together to counter the opposing faction led by Kim Myeong Gil (Park Sung Woo), who specializes in deceiving troubled businesses. Geon Woo and Woo Jin’s journey for justice leads them into many dangerous situations, where they come close to death multiple times.

After a week of its release, “Bloodhounds” has received praise from audiences for its visually stunning scenes, impressive fight sequences, and most importantly, the flawless performances of the two male leads. The explosive chemistry between Woo Do Hwan and Lee Sang Yi, both in everyday life scenes and during life-or-death situations, takes viewers through a range of different emotions.

However, many audiences believe that “Bloodhounds” would have been one of the most outstanding action dramas in the first half of 2023, had it not been for the disappointing ending. In the finale, the writer attempted to introduce a female character, and the final two episodes were criticized for having illogical plot developments. 

Nevertheless, “Bloodhounds” had to be rewritten and re-edited after the leading actress Kim Sae Ron, faced a drunk-driving controversy. As a result, the screen time of Kim Sae Ron’s character, Cha Hyun Joo, had to be reduced, and this is speculated to be a prime reason behind the drama’s lacking conclusion. 

Of course, this is something that no one desires, causing great regret among viewers and the people behind “Bloodhounds”.

The character played by Kim Sae Ron has had her screen time reduced.

Source: FlixPatrol, k14

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