“You don’t know this guy?”… BTS Jin was humiliated in recognition test against Baek Jong-won

BTS Jin failed to keep up with Baek Jong-won’s popularity at the traditional market.

On Nov 11th, a teaser for “Drunken Truth” featuring Jin and Baek Jong-won was released on BTS‘ official YouTube channel “BANGTANTV”.

BTS Jin Baek Jong-won

In the video, Jin and Baek Jong-won started making traditional drinks themselves. As Jin is known as a person who loves to drink, it was to live out his romance.

BTS Jin Baek Jong-won

In particular, Jin suggested a surprise test to Baek Jong-won, “Here’s your drink, and here’s mine. We should offer these to the merchants and ask them which one they prefer.” In the meantime, Jin expressed confidence in his recognition by saying, “(I’ll do this) Do you know BTS? Oh, I do. Do you know Baek Jong-won? Oh, I don’t know.”

However, the reality was 180 degrees different from what he thought. This is because Baek Jong-won was busy going around the market and greeting merchants, but Jin was quite (?) free.

As many people did not recognize Jin, Baek Jong-won asked repeatedly, “Oh, you don’t know this guy?” and “You don’t recognize this handsome man?” Jin smiled awkwardly, “That’s the first in a while.

At the end of the video, a guest invited by Jin appeared. Baek Jong-won was also surprised to see the guest, raising viewers’ curiosity.


Meanwhile, “Drunken Truth” featuring Jin and Baek Jong-won will be released for the first time at 10 PM tomorrow (Nov 12th).

Source: insight

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